How do I add my logo or favicon?


You can add your logo in the Settings in the side navigation. Enter the image URL. You can use a logo that you host or Upload the logo by going to Collections > Uploads.

Removing the Logo

You may have a particular theme that works best with your logo as part of the header image instead. To have it not display a logo on any of your pages just enter "None" in the logo field.

Add Logo


In the next field you can enter the favicon, which is the icon that is displayed on a browser tab. If you need to find your icon, just view the source of your website. It is commonly a line with rel="shortcut icon" and you just need the href part. For example href="YOUR ICON." You just need the part in the quotes.

Send us a note if you need help locating your favicon. It is not a critical piece of a landing page but it is another opportunity to keep your branding consistent.

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