How do I insert dynamic text to personalize my landing page ?

It is important to maximize the relevancy of your landing page for the visitor. Dynamic content or personalization can help to improve relevancy by inserting information from query strings into the content of your landing page.

You can include one or several query strings. You indicate where this information should be inserted by adding a token. Follow these steps.

Define your query string(s)

For example the URL for your landing page is You want to include the query string for keyword=my_keyword. The URL you should use as a link from your ad or as a destination URL should be http://

Insert the token(s) for your query string(s)

You may wan to include the keyword in the page title and headline of your landing page. You can insert the token {{keyword}} into these elements of your page. The terms "my_keyword" would be inserted everywhere you included the token. And yes, the token needs to include the brackets on both sides.

A headline of "Are You Looking for {{keyword}}" would display as "Are You Looking for my_keyword" on your landing page.

PageMutant currently support the following tokens. The list also indicates the related query string and token you should use.

Item > query string format > token format

  • First Name > fname > {{first_name}}
  • Company > company > {{company}}
  • Keyword > keyword > {{keyword}}
  • utm_source > utm_source > {{utm_source}}
  • utm_term > utm_term > {{utm_term}}
  • utm_medium > utm_medium > {{utm_medium}}
  • utm_content > utm_content > {{utm_content}}
  • utm_campaign > utm_campaign > {{utm_campaign}}

We are interested in hearing of other token you may need for your current campaigns. We also love hearing about other ways you may want to use dynamic content in your experiments.

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