How do I track my landing pages in Google Analytics or any other analytics system?

You can enter your Google Analytics tracking code in your PageMutant account settings. You can also enter any additional tracking codes in the Secondary Analytics field. The tracking script could be from another analytics tool or even from a marketing automation system such as Marketo, Pardot or Eloqua. If you have more than one secondary analytics code you can enter all of them in this field. You can also use to use a single tracking script that connects to multiple system.

You can add conversion tracking code in your Account Settings. This will add this script to any experiments that are used as confirmation pages.

Tracking Script

Be sure to include the entire tracking script including the opening and closing <script> tags.

Adding Tracking Script to Account Settings

Finding Your Google Analytics Tracking Script

You can find your tracking code by logging into your Google Analytics account. Visit the Admin section (upper right corner) and then the Tracking Info tab. If you do not see this tab you need to ask your Google Analytics account admin to add you to the account or to provide you with the code.

Finding Your Analytics Tracking Script

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