How can I use forms?

We have created several default forms including a Basic Form with fields for first name, last name, company, email and phone. There is also an Email Form for newsletter subscriptions. You can use the Button Form that does not have any fields. This is ideal for landing pages where the desired action is a download.

Default forms will store the information in PageMutant. You will receive an email when each form submission occurs. You can view or export form submissions at Learn more about form submissions.

Let us know how you want to use forms.


How many forms can you create?

You can create as many custom forms as you want.

Will custom forms store information in PageMutant?

No. Custom forms use embed code in the form of HTML or an iframe. This information passes to the 3rd party system that provided the embed code. Example 3rd party providers include, MailChimp and Google Spreadsheet.

Do I have to style my forms?

It is not required to style the form but you can do so if you want. In many cases the form will adopt the style of the theme you selected for that landing page or variation. In some cases the embedded version of the form will have a pre-defined style.

Do you have a form builder?

We currently do not have a form builder. There are so many solid form building solutions out there that we thought it to let you use your preferred system for collecting customer information.

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